Spiritual Intuitive

Andie Hight is a naturally gifted spiritual intuitive based in Oakland, offering spiritual and life guidance.

Early on, her psychic and intuitive peers were impressed with her abilities in the areas of automatic writing, mediumship, and medical intuition, and encouraged her to pursue her dream of inspiring and helping others.

Her techniques are guided by her strong intuition and spiritual connectedness through a meditative state. Her ability to drop into a meditative theta trance for sessions has been verified with an Electroencephalogram (EGG).

Andie Hight’s first book, Whispered Wisdom , is now available in e-book format for Kindle, iPad, and other electronic readers. Whispered Wisdom is Andie Hight’s personal journey into the natural and spiritual world leading her to connect with a wise spirit guide. Dancing Eagle first appeared at the foot of her bed while she was recovering from a life-threatening illness. A journalist by training, Andie was both baffled and delighted to discover that his words flowed with ease through her keyboard whenever she quieted her mind to listen, and asked a question.

For a decade, she kept Dancing Eagle’s wise insights and answers to life’s questions to herself, afraid of what others might think. Then, a chance meeting with a world-renowned Egyptologist verified that a little-known ancient site on the Nile River described by Dancing Eagle was an actual place. Andie felt incredibly compelled to share her story and her spirit guide’s inspiring messages. Whispered Wisdom will strike a chord with those who are tuning into the spiritual stirrings of their own hearts. The book includes 40 Dancing Eagle insights which provide comfort, inspiration, and guidance.

Andie also hosts a radio talk show called Wisdom Radio, which explores such topics as tapping into intuitive power, living life in balance with nature, healing with angels and energies, dreaming life into reality, mind/body medicine, and tapping into the power of love and gratitude. The shows can be freely listened to on the show’s website and iTunes.

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