Psychic & Spiritual Channel

“The reading with Andie and Dancing Eagle was wonderful. Right away, they were able to zero in on an area of my life that still needed healing. . .Thank you Andie & Dancing Eagle!” — Elissa from Amesbury, MA

“Andie Hight is very gifted, gracious and softly penetrating with her intuitive abilities. Her unexpected past life reading pierced my heart in the best of ways. . . I am so deeply grateful to Andie for this opening that continues…” — Reggie in Los Angeles, CA

“If you’ve never experienced a healing session with Andie and her guide, do yourself a favor and tap in today.” — Andrew in Berkeley, CA

“She contacted my departed grandmother and father and there is no way she could have known what she relayed to me during that session. I’m convinced she’s the real deal! Andie is truly gifted and the insights I’ve gained with her during various sessions are priceless.” — Barb in Westbrook, CT

“The reading I received from Andie and Dancing Eagle not only felt ‘right,’ but validated so many things I knew in my heart were true. . . By the end of the reading, I felt more at ease, yet energized and certain of my path.”  — Marie in Los Angeles, CA

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