How Andie Helps Her Clients

Since 2009, Andie Hight has been helping her clients connect with loved ones who have passed, for a greater sense of resolution and peace.

She also uses a unique method of automatic writing to assist her clients in connecting with their spirit guides to help them negotiate life's crossroads, with the help of her own spirit guide, Dancing Eagle.

Her guidance is gentle and interactive. She does not do future viewing, as she believes each of us has countless possibilities for the future. Rather, Andie focuses on helping her clients clarify and hear the subtle clues and messages coming through at an intuitive level to help them release fear and move freely and without hesitation into their full potential and purpose. People find the process tremendously freeing.

Andie Hight

Contact Andie

Andie does in-person sessions on Saturday afternoons for a select number of clients in her Berkeley office, and phone sessions by appointment. Please reach out to her directly to discuss setting up an appointment.